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Luther’s Story

The dream

It was always about growing.
Growing crops. Growing a family. Growing connections. Growing a community.

From the moment he set foot on his 80-acre farm in Prince George County, VA, Luther Brown knew he wanted to grow
something big.

As a young boy in the early 1900s, Luther spent days plowing behind a team of mules. He was often alone in his work, but he was never alone in his thoughts. He dreamed. He built. He constructed a vision for what this rich soil could become.

Now, decades later, his vision is becoming a reality with the creation of Eden Green Farm. Eden Green Farm will be a community centered on responsible farming and stewardship of the land, organic eating and living, and engaged neighbors.

Luther loved his land, and he saw loss. His uncles lost a 400+ acre parcel of land because of overdue taxes and neglect. His
brother-in-law later faced the same fate—forfeiting his land because of a bad growing season and ill-fated business decisions.
In fact, most of the family farms once owned by African Americans in the region were lost or stolen in the mid-to-late 1900s. Eden Green Farm is one of the few that remains.

“The idea of losing land was an awful thing for dad,” recalled Sam Brown, Luther’s eldest son and now the President of InnaMan Enterprises. “He made me promise that our land in Prince George would never be sold. Every business decision we make is based on the underlying promise to preserve and secure the land.”

A man with deep roots in both the soil beneath his feet and the community around him, Luther also wanted to ensure that his
farm could give back to the community. During his life he was known affectionately by friends and neighbors as “Deacon Brown.”
Luther and his wife, Ann, donated many of the vegetables and fruits they grew to feed other local families. They also never hesitated to offer a hot meal or a warm bed to a neighbor in need.

At Eden Green Farm, the focus will be exactly where Luther would want it—on growing. As the farm takes shape, crops will sprout, friendships will develop, and both biological and chosen families will expand.

Learn more and come grow with us!